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Event Manager, Contract Partner

Event Manager, Contract Partner

Amy Kluttz

Event Manager, Contracted Partner

Learning Style: Kinesthetic

After Amy graduated from college, she moved to Nashville, TN, to start an internship at a publishing house in the Student Camps and Events department. It was here that she discovered her love and passion for the event industry. Her internship turned into a full-time job with the Women's Events department, which later led to a role at a production company where she worked in corporate events.

During her time as an event professional, Amy developed an eye for detail and a desire to help others. She thrives on bringing events to life through dedication and hard work, ensuring their success. Amy has spearheaded global conferences, marketing activations, and video productions for national brands. Her experience managing complex projects from concept to completion has honed her efficiency, motivation, and organizational skills.

Amy currently resides in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with her husband, son, and two dogs, Porter and Poppy.

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