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Founder, CEO and Executive Producer

Founder, CEO and Executive Producer

Erika Kulovitz

Founder, CEO and Executive Producer

Learning Style: Auditory

Meet Erika Kulovitz, the driving force behind akire productions' dynamic event experiences. With a heart full of passion, an eye for design, and a talent for connecting people, Erika is a visionary leader who transforms ideas into unforgettable moments. But that's not all – Erika's superpowers extend beyond crafting awe-inspiring designs. She's a true connector, weaving networks and relationships that add depth to every event experience. Her ability to bring people together ensures that each event is not just an occasion but a canvas for meaningful connections.

Erika's event journey spans over 19 years, weaving a tapestry of experience covering in-person and virtual realms. Her footprint in the industry is vast and impressive, having produced large-scale corporate events and non-profit galas nationwide. From show direction to scenic set design, from creative multimedia concepts to technical and stage management, Erika's expertise knows no bounds.

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