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Vice President of Production

Vice President of Production

Reiley McClendon

Vice President of Production

Learning Style: Kinesthetic

Reiley started in production very 8 years old young…albeit in front of the camera. After 22 years in the entertainment industry, the last 8 of which Reiley straddled the fence between corporate event production, entertainment, and vocational ministry, Reiley made the jump to 100% event production. Surrounded by production of one kind or another is how Reiley has spent his entire life.

Over the last 10 years in the corporate event’s industry, Reiley has worn many hats. From managing a creative department in an event’s agency to freelancing as a graphics operator to now senior producing with an eye towards the technical. When Reiley isn’t producing you’ll find him in nature enjoying the quiet beauty or reading a western.

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