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BizBash Hall of Fame Awards

The BizBash Hall of Fame Awards presented a unique set of objectives and challenges, calling for the creation of an unparalleled event experience at The Field Museum in Chicago. The task was to collaborate effectively with the museum's exclusive preferred vendors, which included one technical company, four caterers, and four decor/floral companies. A significant constraint was the limited setup time, as the team was allowed only a three-hour load-in period before the arrival of guests, in accordance with the museum's operational rules and public visiting hours.

The solution to these challenges was both ambitious and innovative. We decided to introduce an element that had never been utilized before in the historic setting of The Field Museum: NEON. This bold choice was not just about adding a vibrant visual element; it was about creating an atmosphere that was both modern and strikingly different from the usual museum ambiance.

Taking the concept even further, the team designed a three-story stage for the awards presentation. This not only added a dramatic flair to the event but also maximized the use of vertical space, creating a grand and memorable setting for the awards ceremony.

To manage the logistics and ensure a seamless execution, great partnerships were formed among the vendors. The Stanley Hall space was divided into sections, with each pair of caterers and decor teams assigned a specific area to transform. This approach allowed for a diverse range of experiences within the event, each section offering its own unique ambiance and culinary delights.

The collaborative effort of the teams, driven by a clear design vision, resulted in an event that exceeded expectations. The creativity and skill of the caterers and decor/floral companies shone through, as they each created captivating and immersive environments within their assigned spaces.

The event left a lasting impression on both the client and the guests. It was not just an awards ceremony; it was an immersive experience that combined innovative design with the unique backdrop of The Field Museum. The use of neon, combined with the impressive three-story stage and the diverse culinary and decor experiences, made the BizBash Hall of Fame Awards a topic of conversation long after the event had concluded, setting a new benchmark for creativity and excellence in event planning.

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