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Event Tech Review: Blackmagic Atem Mini – Big Impact, Small Package

When it comes to video switching for events, the Blackmagic Atem Mini is a game-changer. Here's why this compact switcher should be in your tech arsenal:

Why You Need a Video Switcher

Incorporating multiple cameras or input sources onto one screen or broadcast stream requires a video switcher and an operator.

Blackmagic Atem Mini

Blackmagic Atem Mini Highlights


It offers impressive features without breaking the bank.


Available in 4 and 8 channel HDMI and SDI versions, it suits various needs.

Output Options

Provides video output, USB for webcam use, and direct Ethernet streaming.

Audio Mixing

Includes audio controls for seamless sound management.

Advanced Features

Features like DVEs, a media pool, Upstream and Downstream keyers, and some models even offer ISO recording.

Cable Length

SDI versions allow longer cable runs (up to 300 ft) compared to HDMI (max 50 ft).

These compact devices punch above their weight and quickly pay for themselves through rental fees. Explore the possibilities: Blackmagic Atem Mini.

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