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Elevating the Event: 'Hills of Green' Pub Gala at Tuxedo Barn

Get ready to immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Dunn School's annual fundraising gala, as akire productions takes you on a journey to "Hills of Green." This semi-formal event with a touch of country flair left an indelible mark on all attendees. Hosted at the picturesque Tuxedo Barn at Roblar Farms, the gala owed its success to a perfect blend of event design, community spirit, and a touch of pub-inspired charm.

An elegantly set table adorned with lush plants, sparkling glasses, crisp linen, and a prominently displayed table number

Unforgettable Venue: Tuxedo Barn at Roblar Farms

Nestled in the heart of Roblar Farms, Tuxedo Barn provided the ideal backdrop for an evening that will be cherished for years to come. The venue's close proximity to Dunn School's campus, coupled with Robar Farms' unwavering support for the school, made it a natural choice. As the sun dipped below the rolling green countryside, guests knew they were in for a night to remember. This year's theme, "What's Possible," embodied the dreams turned into reality, thanks to the generosity of the Dunn School community over the past year. The event smashed records, raising over $400,000, a testament to the incredible support the school enjoys.

An Inspirational Speech by Headmaster Kal B.

One of the evening's highlights was a moving speech by Headmaster Kal B., who shared a deeply personal story and illustrated the profound impact of the funds raised. High above, flags representing the students' home countries adorned the ceiling, underscoring the far-reaching effects of the contributions made by the gala's esteemed guests.

A group of beautifully set tables adorned with lush plants, sparkling glasses, crisp linen, and prominently displayed table numbers.

Crafting the Perfect Event Design

The heart of "Hills of Green" was its captivating event design, which seamlessly merged pub vibes with a touch of British and Irish charm. The stunning black barn and the surrounding verdant countryside set the stage for a truly unique experience. Dining tables were resplendent with emerald velvet, complemented by navy napkins, tasteful blue and green tartan prints, and exquisite gold accessories. The addition of black goblets and abundant garlands and greenery infused an enchanting aura into the evening, transporting guests to a world of magic.

Beautifully set tables adorned with black goblets and abundant garlands of greenery

More Than Just a Fundraiser

Dunn School's annual fundraising gala was not just about meeting financial goals; it was a celebration of unity, philanthropy, and community spirit. It showcased the unwavering commitment of the school to provide exceptional educational opportunities while fostering a spirit of generosity and possibility among its students and supporters. "Hills of Green" will forever stand as a testament to the power of coming together for a cause, creating unforgettable memories, and making dreams possible.

Bottles of champagne with red ribbon bows


akire productions' collaboration with Dunn School for the "Hills of Green" gala at Tuxedo Barn was a resounding success. The event's impeccable design, inspired by pub vibes, united the community and surpassed all financial expectations. As we look back on this unforgettable evening, we are reminded that when we dream big and work together, truly remarkable things become possible.


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