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Wireless vs. Wired: Finding the Right Fit

Wireless technology is undeniably fantastic. Bluetooth, wireless microphones, wireless comms, wireless internet—all have their place and shine when used as intended. When freedom of movement or extended range is required, wireless is unparalleled.

Yet, if you've ever encountered signal dropouts or interference, you've glimpsed the limitations of wireless. Traditional wired connections have their own valuable niche and can minimize potential weak points in your setup.

For ultra-technical and time-sensitive (down to the millisecond) delivery of video and audio, wired solutions reign supreme. They offer simplicity in setup and cost-effectiveness when freedom of movement isn't necessary—cue the celebration!

In locations bustling with wireless traffic, such as downtown areas near emergency responders or hotels with in-house unions operating on their radios, going wired can eliminate the headache of coordinating wireless frequencies.

Consider this: If you're managing several small breakouts simultaneously, a speaker on a wired microphone with a wired video cable can be a game-changer. No worries about interference between microphones in breakout rooms, and no concern about attendee wireless signals (cellphones, laptops, Bluetooth headphones) potentially causing havoc.

Wired solutions may not always seem glamorous or cutting-edge in 2023, but sometimes foolproof and straightforward are precisely what you need.


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