Corporate Event Capabilities & Management


Production Design
We will establish a creative foundation and theme for your conference. Our Production Design Team will translate these messages into a blueprint for customized stage designs, environments and decor to enhance the experience during your conference. We utilize photo-realistic 3D renderings, enabling you to view these designs and experiences from every angle.

Creative Development 
We are as committed to your brand as you are. We know that the reason for the event, the reason for the message, the reason for everything you do with us, is Brand and Branding. Our creative team develops graphic design, video, 3D mapping & animation, and script writing, among other disciplines. All of these combine to create a 360 ° event experience, immersing the guests in the Brand, the message and the dynamic energy of your culture. We welcome working along side your in-house team as well.

Production Management
Our Production Team will work with you to ensure that all pre-production, logistics, scenic, technical and entertainment needs are met in a timely fashion.

Entertainment Management 
We provide tailored entertainment that adds to the immersive experience of your event.

Venue, Food & Beverage Coordination
We will be in direct communication with caterers and venues, which ensures a smooth event.  Our coordination allows for the best & creative food and beverage service, and allows you to be involved proactively with creative endeavors and the delivery of proper messaging of your Executive team.



Poise & Ease

Besides Erika’s attention to detail, savviness with our executives and work ethic, what I think stood out the most to me was her communication with not only her team, but ours. We were kept abreast of everything going on, as well as all changes and Erika had the knack to boil things down for us so we could understand what was happening and why. She didn’t often use “industry speak” and if she did she would explain what it was and why it was necessary for our event. I think the most important thing about all of this was we trusted Erika. We felt she was always looking out for our best interests and if she recommended something to us not only was the recommendation founded in knowledge from Erika’s previous experience but more so she cared about managing a really great event and wanted to be sure all of our needs were met. Moving that many people around Chicago as well as feeding them was a nightmare waiting to happen and Erika handled it with poise of a true professional. She was able to ensure all of our executives knew when and where to be places and helped prepare them for speaking to and executing in front of 3,000 people that were going to be hanging on their every word.

— Jason Barr, Farmers Insurance